Johan Lundberg

| Phone: 08-16 37 18

I write texts, formulate messages and contribute to the development of the communication on Baltic Eye.


Johan Lundberg

I write texts and create content for the Baltic Eye web site and print products. I also contribute to the overall development of the commication.

I am educated in marketing, journalism and environmental science and has previously started and been the editor of the award-winning web magazine Extrakt.

As a science journalist and communicator at Baltic Eye, it is my mission to ensure that all the important research about the Baltic Sea is reaches the right person. In the right time.

I formulate messages and create content that is interesting and useful to decision makers who contribute and influence the future of the Baltic Sea.

I work with text, image and moving material for print and web.

The goal of my work is to contribute to long-term sustainable decisions and help the Baltic Sea to get a better environment. And at the same time have fun.