Linda Kumblad

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I work with the coastal zones of the Baltic sea and to find solutions on how to improve the environment in these areas.


Linda Kumblad

Eutrophication is a major problem, but there are also great challenges with hazardous substances, exploitation, boat traffic and fisheries.

The flow of nutrients (phosphorous and nitrogen) to the water must decrease in order to reduce eutrophication. In my work I have followed Björnöfjärden in Stockholm archipelago since 2011 and seen the bay turn from heavily eutrophicated to good water quality, and a flora and fauna that is recovering. The recovery is due to both an aluminium treatment that helps the anoxic sediment to bind phosphorous again, and actions taken in agriculture, horse farms and enhanced private sewages.

I am a systems ecologist and ecotoxicologist, and I have spent almost 20 years on applied research on human impact on coastal zones. Before starting at the Baltic Eye I worked för BalticSea2020. The importance of effective communication to reach decision makers and authorities with scientifically based recommendations has become more and more obvious to me over the years. The work of Baltic Eye has a very important role for that.


Linda Kumblad

Systems ecologist and ecotoxicologist