Maciej Tomzcak

Maciej Tomczak

| Phone: 08-674 75 41

I focus on fish and fisheries from a broader ecosystem perspective.

Maciej Tomczak

How can we implement Ecosystem Based Fisheries Management (EBFM) in the Baltic Sea? And what does sustainable use of fish resources mean?

The commercial fishing industry is an integral part of the Baltic Sea ecosystem. Neither management nor the assessments of stocks can function properly without being put in a broader ecosystem context.

Understanding the interactions with and within the ecosystem, and how fisheries fit in the bigger picture, is crucial for the future of Baltic fisheries. It is a great opportunity, and challenge, to use research and synthetize multidisciplinary information in communicating these complex ecosystem interactions to managers and other decision-makers.  

I am a marine ecologist with a PhD in Oceanology from the Institute of Oceanology (Gdansk University), and Sea Fisheries Institute (Gdynia). Previously I worked at DTU-Aqua (Copenhagen) and Baltic Nest Institute (Stockholm University).

Since 15 years, I am highly involved in activities within the International Council for the Exploration of the Sea (ICES), among other things co-chairing the ICES/HELCOM Working Group on Integrated Assessment of Baltic Sea.

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