Marie Löf

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I focus on the effects of hazardous substances, microplastics and eutrophication on the Baltic Sea ecosystem.

Marie Löf

How are marine organisms affected by multiple stressors such as hazardous substances and oxygen deficiency?

The Baltic Sea is a stressed ecosystem and two of the major environmental challenges are eutrophication and hazardous substances. Marine organisms are not exposed to one hazardous substance at a time, but to many simultaneously in complex mixtures and often in combination with hypoxia. I examine how different stressors interact in the marine environment and what effects that have. How is benthic fauna affected by multiple stress factors and what effects does that have for the rest of the ecosystem?

I am a biologist and ecotoxicologist with a PhD in environmental science. My research spans from combination effects of multiple stressors and effects of microplastic pollution to changes in species composition due to stress. I have previously worked as an economist but my environmental interest and fascination for biology led me into research. My personal goal is that my research will contribute to a more sustainable use of the ecosystem than the present.