Siri Kramer Maassen

| Phone: 08-16 46 25

As the head of communications for the Baltic Eye team and the Baltic sea center I am responsible for the strategic planning and development of the communication work of the Baltic Sea Center, including the Baltic Eye.

Siri Kramer Maassen

I am responsible for the strategic plans and coordination of the communication of the Baltic Eye.

Baltic Eye - An amazing team of researchers, global analysts and communicators who have had the inspiring and important mission of building bridges between research and decision makers.

But how do you do that? What should be said? When? And to whom? With which communication channels? With what messages and what tonality? What goals should we control and how should we prioritize different actions? My role is to strategically plan and coordinate communication so that we work as efficiently as possible.

I am an environmental scientist and communicator who, before I started working at Baltic Eye, tested my wings as an environmental policy secretary in the Swedish parliament, as project manager and communicator at the Nature Conservation Association, as a consultant at Ekoteket at the Stockholm Cultural Center and as project manager for climate communication projects at the Environmental Management in Stockholm City. In between, I also launched the PR agency "One Planet PR" and worked with some twenty different organizations to sharpen their communication work.