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F2F is already being watered down

The Common Agricultural Policy is not the only policy that is being watered down. The EU Commission’s Farm to Fork strategy, F2F, presented last spring, is already under severe attacks from many actors. The risk of ending up with a weakened strategy is real.

Text: Gun Rudquist

The F2F strategy is one of the key elements of the Commission's Green Deal. In order to increase food security and public health and to promote sustainable production systems, the F2F suggests for instance targets for reducing pesticide use and fertilizer amounts. This has evoked strong opposition.

Eleven of the EU members states have jointly presented a declaration asking for no binding targets. The members states are from the eastern EU. The declaration was an input in the negotiations ahead of the last AGRIFISH Council meetings discussion about F2F. The wording in the different drafts on Council response to F2F has gone from "welcoming" the strategy to "taking note of". The Commission would probably have wanted the wording "endorses". The Council conclusions hold no legal weight and there will not be a trilogue negotiation between EU institutions on the Farm to Fork strategy as a whole

Another attack on F2F comes from the USA. Recently at a conference the Unites States Department of Agriculture, USDA, openly bashed the F2F accusing it for risking to impose on trade. The EU Commission stepped in and strongly defended the F2F.

Yet another attempt to weaken the F2F comes from the European Parliament which recently voted against linking the F2F strategy to the CAP.

So finally, it remains to see whether or not the F2F strategy will be a useful tool for pushing agriculture further towards sustainability or not. It will clearly though need a lot of defenders.